Thursday, 30 June 2022

Parish Council Minutes - April 2022


Meeting of the Leigh Parish Council.

Monday 4 th April 2022

Minutes of meeting


Councillor J Beaman - Chairman

Councillor E Durose

Councillor Andrew Raby

Councillor Michael Snowden

Councillor David Wilson

Councillor Lionel Ingram

Councillor Colin Whittaker

Katherine Parkinson - Clerk

1 Apologies Councillor Brian Barker

Councillor Toby Collins

2 Chairman’s Announcements – None

3 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests and other

Interests – Planning Application Wood View Agricultural Shed by Councillor David


4 Minutes – Minutes of the Parish Council 7 th March 2022 had been distributed by email

prior to meeting. No comments and were signed by Chairman

5 Outstanding Matters

5.1 Jubileigh Celebrations Update – (event dates 2 nd & 3 rd June 2022)

 Emma Beaman approaching sponsors to fund additional items,eg Bouncy


 Music Event in marquee behind Village Hall from 2pm

 BBQ in afternoon & Hog Roast in evening (PC paying for Hog Roast)

 The Farmers to provide the bar

 Andy Raby to provide the marquee – 8 people needed to erect/take down

5.2 Cradle seats on order – Colin Whittaker to organize payment to the PC and then

funds need forwarding to the Playing Fields –post meeting note : Funds have

been received by PC, need to chase order

6 Finance

6.1 Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation had been distributed and

acting clerk went through them and everything balanced as at 31 st March 2022

7 Planning

7.1.1 P/2021/01425 Stonehouse Farm Withington Lane Withington ST10 4PU. Listed

Building application for the conversion of former barn to dwelling (Class C3) including

associated internal alterations and external alterations to include replacement windows, repairs

to timber framework and installation of roof lights

7.1.2 P/2021/01423 Stonehouse Farm Withington Lane Withington ST10 4PU. Conversion

of former barn to form dwelling (Class C3)

7.1.3 P/2021/01221 Land off Intakes Lane Lower Leigh Staffordshire. Continued siting of an

agricultural workers mobile home for a temporary period of three years

7.1.4 P/2021/01050 Field No 8200 Hill Lane Middleton Green ST10 4PQ. Retention of

fencing, pillars, gates, hardstanding and storage container

8 Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation

 Timber yard Replacement buildings - reapplication

 Wood View Agricultural shed – Dave Wilson asked to leave the meeting whilst

discussed – no objections raised

9 Planning Appeals None

10 Planning Queries None

 Agricultural to domestic entrance of The Piggery (change of use) on blind

corner in Withington Green – email planners to lodge H&S concern from a local


11 Correspondence All sent via email

11.1 County Council. Received all relevant information via email

11.2 East Staffordshire Borough Council. Nothing to report

11.3 Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association Nothing to report

11.4 Weekly updates - forwarded by email

12 Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk & Parishioners#

Toby Collins attending Checkley PC meeting as representative from Leigh Parish for

Solar Farm scoping meeting

22/099 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting

Monday 9 th May 2022 - Leigh Village Hall. @ 7.30pm

- AGM & Parish Council Meeting

Meetings to be held bi-monthly from May onwards