Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Parish Council Minutes - 2017 March

                                                                                                06 March 2017 (1)

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 6th March 2017
Leigh Village Hall commencing 8.00pm.
Following Public Participation commencing 7.30pm
                        Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        Parishioners     Mr M Wildon, Mrs B Smallwood, Mrs W Lewis. Mr G Warburton

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

16/117             Apologies                    Councillor       B Barker
                                                            Councillor       E Durose

16/117.1          Other Apologies          District Councillor                  Councillor C Whittaker

16/118             Minutes
16/118.1          COUNCIL RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                        of 6th February 2017 be signed by the meeting Chairman.

16/119             Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements.

16/120             Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests and
                        other Interests
                        None declared.

16/121             Outstanding Matters
16/121.1          Church Leigh Notice Board
16/121.1.1       RESOLVED to purchase an Aluminium Noticeboard from Greenbarnes Ltd.
                        A-Max A8 size, powder coated RAL6005 Moss Green with Self Healing Pin Board.
                        Net Cost £679.22 plus £135.84 VAT
16/121.2          Defibrillators for the Farmers Arms and Middleton Green Telephone Box.
                        Update on installation of the units from Councillor Beaman.

16/122             Finance
16/122.1          Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.
                        Check of Financial Statement against Bank Statements completed.
16/122.2          Invoice   Croppers Ground Maintenance   Recreation Ground Mowing
                        January 2017 - £187.50 + £37.50 VAT   Total  £225.00 1976 LG(MP)A s19.1b
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.
16/122.3          Old Boys School Trustees.  Village Hall Lease.  Rent of £10.00 per annum
                        Three years period covering 2015 / 2016 / 2017  Total £30.00  LGA 1972 s137.
                        RESOLVED to pay the rent.  Parish Council being Custodian Trustees.
16/122.4          Clerks Quarterly Salary. Gross £375.00. Net £300.00 PAYE £75.00. LGA 1972 s112(2)
16/122.4.1       RESOLVED to pay the Clerk the net salary of £300.00
16/122.4.2       RESOLVED to pay HMRC the PAYE of £75.00.

                                                                                                                                                                06 March 2017 (2)

16/123             Planning Applications
16/123.1          Applications returned to East Staffordshire Borough Council - Reply Awaited
16/123.1.1       P/2016/00863              Broad Oak Farm, Bramshall. Agricultural building to dwellings

16/123.2          Application Decisions by East Staffordshire Borough Council         None

16/123.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation                       None

16/123.4          Planning Appeals        None in progress.
16/123.5          Planning Queries         None

16/124             Correspondence
16/124.1          County Council
16/124.1.1       A50 Growth Corridor. Update.  For information.
16/124.1.2       County Highways -  Various road closure notices relating to the Railway Crossings

16/124.2          East Staffordshire Borough Council
16/124.2.1       Fly Tipping awareness information related to the recent spate of major incidents.
16/124.2.2       Restriction on the Brown Bin recycled materials which comes into force on 1st April.

16/124.3          Community Council of Staffordshire
                        DEFRA Survey request.  For information.

16/124.4          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association
16/124.4.1       Weekly updates forwarded to Member Councillors for information.

16/125             Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk
16/125.1          Councillor Raby.         Leigh Lane road surface falling away.
16/125.2          Councillor Snowden.
16/125.2.1       Moor Lane.  State of road surface particularly near the Pentecostal Church.
16/125.2.2       Discussion on provision of competitive sports in Leigh.
16/    Village Hall Lease with the Old Boys School Trustees. Query years remaining.
16/125.2.3       Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner.  Date confirmed and Caterers booked.
16/125.3          Councillor Collins       State of Bustomley Lane
16/125.4          Councillor Roe.       State of Raddle Lane and culvert at the junction with Hill Lane.
16/125.4.2       Poor quality of previous road repairs in general.  Edges of the patched areas crumbling.

16/126             Date of Next Meeting
16/126.1          Monday 3rd April 2017.   Leigh Village Hall following the Annual Parish Assembly

The meeting concluded at 9.01pm.
                                                                                    Signed             _______________      Chairman

                                                                                    Date                ______________.

Public Participation Meeting
Notes of the meeting held prior the
Parish Council Meeting of 6th March 2017

Public Participation prior to the Meeting.  Commencing at 7.30pm.  Concluding at 8.00pm.

                        Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        Parishioners     Mr M Wildon, Mrs B Smallwood, Mrs W Lewis. Mr G Warburton

                        PCSO  David Higgs

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

PCSO David Higgs

Update on recent events in the Parish and demonstration of new methods of communicating with and from the Staffordshire Police using mobile phone APP’s

Mr W Lewis

The 30 bags of rubbish collected by the Litter Pickers on 24th February was still waiting to be collected.
East Staffordshire Borough Council to be contacted.

Mrs B Smallwood

1          Potholes          School Lane between Lower Leigh and Chebsey Bank and Leigh Bank.

2          Querying the caravan on land at Middleton Green.  Adjacent to a Barn that already had power
            and water on the site.

Mr M Wildon

1          Presentation of a comprehensive report submitted to the Parish Council and forwarded to
            County Highways.
Problem of flooding on Dodsleigh Lane between Intakes Lane and the Level Crossing.
Water flowing down Dodsleigh Lane from a pond overflow into a grid in Raddle Lane, the water flow
picks up silt on Holmcroft land due to a damaged culvert, then runs down Dodsleigh Lane into a large
culvert system under the road between Intakes Lane and the Level Crossing.  This culvert is completely blocked with silt.   A second culvert beneath the Level Crossing is clear and so is the remainder of the drainage system down to the river.

The Chairman thanked Mr Wildon on behalf of the villagers for his work in attempting to clear the flooded road and surveying the drainage system down Dodsleigh Lane.

2          Comment on the amount of litter left by Network Rail contractors at Lower Leigh.

Mr Wildon had been in contact with Network Rail.