Monday, 10 July 2017

Parish Council Minutes - June 2017


Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th June 2017
Leigh Village Hall commencing 7.30pm.
                        Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis,  Mr G Warburton

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

17/028             Apologies                    Councillor       B Barker          (Work Commitment)
                                                            Councillor       E Durose         (Illness)

17/029             Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements.

17/030             Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests and
                        other Interests                                    None declared.

17/031             Appointment/Confirmation of Parish Council Representatives to
                        Parish Organisations
17/031.1          Omitted from the Annual Parish Council meeting of 8th May 2017.
                        Spencer Trust.
                        Confirmation of appointees    Mrs B Smallwood, Mrs C Dickin and Mr D Heath.

17/032             Minutes
17/032.1          COUNCIL RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting
                        of 8th May 2017 be signed by the meeting Chairman.

17/033             Outstanding Matters
17/033.1          Defibrillators for the Farmers Arms and Middleton Green Telephone Box.
17/033.1.1       Wording for the labels established.
                        RESOLVED to purchase two labels.
17/033.1.2       Middleton Green Telephone Box Defibrillator
17/    Defibrillator sign for the Telephone Box, replacing the missing “Telephone” sign.
                        Options to be considered for highlighting the location of the defibrillator.
17/    Possibilities of a group to clear the vegetation from around the box.
17/    Pursuing the painting of the box once the vegetation is cleared away.
17/033.2          Defibrillators generally.
                        Concern about lack of awareness of their existence and inhibitions about their use.
                        Publicity - through the questionnaire going out to all households primarily concerning
                        the Play Area on the Recreation Ground.  Demonstration of their use at the Fete.

17/033.3          Lime Close Bench Seat
                        No definite knowledge of who and why it was placed there.
                        Probably East Staffordshire District Council from the time they were responsible
                        for the housing.
17/033.3.1       To check with the District Council and the May Ball to provide a replacement.
                                                                                                                                                                05 June 2017 (2)
17/033.4          New Notice Board for Church Leigh
                        Proposed to be fitted on the existing posts before the next meeting.

17/034             Finance
17/034.1          Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.
                        Check of Financial Statement against Bank Statements completed.
17/034.2          Invoice   Croppers Ground Maintenance   Recreation Ground Mowing
                        May £187.50 + £37.50 VAT   Total  £225.00 1976 LG(MP)A s19.1b
17/034.3          Clerks Quarterly Salary. Gross £375.00 Net £300.00 PAYE £75.00  LGA 1972 s112(2)
17/034.3.1       RESOLVED to pay the Clerk the net salary of £300.00
17/034.3.2       RESOLVED to pay HMRC the PAYE of £75.00.
17/034.4          External Audit
                        Clerk’s Report.
                        All the necessary forms had been completed and forwarded to Grant Thornton.
17/034.5          Transparency Code Requirements
                        Clerk’s Report
                        The information was completed and ready to be published on the website.
17/034.6          VAT Reclaim for 2016 / 2017.  Notification of the BACS Remittance for £1,537.64.

17/035             Planning Applications
17/035.1          Applications returned to East Staffordshire Borough Council - Reply Awaited
17/035.1.1       P/2016/00863              Broad Oak Farm, Bramshall. Agricultural building to dwellings
17/035.1.2       P/2017/00320              1 Station View, Moor Lane, Lower Leigh.
                                                            Demolition of garage, erection of triple garage with work room.
17/035.1.3       P/2017/00472              Greenlea, Nobut to Withington Green. Agric.building to dwelling

17/035.2          Application Decisions by East Staffordshire Borough Council
17/035.1.3       P/2017/00331              Barn Croft, Dodsleigh.  Extensions, Double Garage, New Access.
17/035.1.4       P/2017/00298 & Associated LBC 00367.      Church View, Church Leigh.
                        Allowed                       New Access, wall and gates, erection of detached garage

17/035.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation
17/035.3.1       P/2017/00545              Wood View, Hill Lane, Morrilow Heath.
                                                            Retention of an agricultural building.
17/    RESOLVED to recommend approval..  No particular objections.

17/035.4          Planning Appeals        None in progress.
17/035.5          Planning Queries         None

17/036             Correspondence
17/036.1          County Council
17/036.1.1       A50 Growth Corridor. Update.  For information.
17/036.1.2       Discussions with the Highway Liaison Officer, Request for a Highway maintenance
                        team to clear vegetation either side of visibility fencing opposite The Star and at
                        the top of Hot Hill Lane plus filling in passing places on Hot Hill Lane.
                        Issue of overgrowing hedges on Parkhall Lane adjacent to the A50 to be taken up by
                        Highways with the Highway Agency.

                                                                                                                                                                05 June 2017 (3)
17/036.2          East Staffordshire Borough Council              None

17/036.3          Community Council of Staffordshire             None

17/036.4          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association
17/036.4.1       Weekly updates forwarded to Member Councillors for information.

17/036.5          email updates from Staffordshire Police on several matters.  For information.

17/037             Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk
17/037.1          Councillor Raby
17/037.1.1       PCSO David Higgs has now left, PCSO Craig Carroll is taking over his role.
17/037.2          General.
17/037.2.1       Issue of inconsiderate parking of vehicles by The Star and on School Lane,
                        near to the junction with Parkhall Lane.
17/037.2.2       Footpath adjacent to the Grass Dryer at the bottom of Chebsey Bank.
                        Clearing undergrowth to be arranged.

17/038             Date of Next Meeting
17/038.1          Monday 3rd July 2017. 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded at 8.32pm.
                                                                                    Signed             _______________      Chairman

                                                                                    Date                ______________.