Friday, 29 September 2017

Parish Council Minutes - August 2017

                                                                                                                                07 August 2017 (1)

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 7th August 2017
Leigh Village Hall commencing 7.35pm.
Following Public Participation which commenced at 7.30pm
                        Councillor       J Beaman         Chairman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden
                        District Councillor                  Councillor C Whittaker
                        Parishioners     Mr G Warburton,  Mrs W Lewis,  Mrs B Smallwood,  Mr B Chilton,
                                                Mr J Slater,  Mrs J Beard.
                        Clerk               B A Boughey

17/049             Apologies                                            Councillor       A Raby    Vice Chairman (Holiday)

17/050             Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements.

17/051             Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests, other Interests
17/051.1          Councillor Beaman.   Planning Applications - 3 and 4 Bents Lane.

17/052             Minutes
17/052.1          COUNCIL RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                        of 3rd July 2017 be signed by the meeting Chairman.

17/053             Outstanding Matters
17/053.1          Middleton Green Telephone Box Defibrillator.
17/043.1.1       “Defibrillator” sign for the Middleton Green Telephone Box received from X2connect.
                        Councillor Collins to arrange fitting and clearing of the vegetation from around the box.

17/054             Finance
17/054.1          Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.
                        Check of Financial Statement against Bank Statements completed.
17/054.2          Invoice   Croppers Ground Maintenance   Recreation Ground Mowing
                        July £187.50 + £37.50 VAT   Total  £225.00 1976 LG(MP)A s19.1b.
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.
17/054.3          Invoice.   X2Connect Ltd. Defibrillator Sign. £27.80 + £5.56 VAT.  Total £33.36
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.  LGA 1972 s137.
17/054.4          Invoice.  SPCA.  Councillor Guide - Finance and Transparency - 4 books.  £12.00
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.  LGA 1972 s111
17/054.5          Invoice.  1&1 Internet.  Website Fee  £37.95 + £7.59 VAT.  Total £45.54.
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoiced amount via Carol Astbury.  LGA 1972 s142.
17/054.6          Pro forma Invoice. TSC Signs. Two signs for the defibrillators. £101.96 + £20.39 VAT
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.  Public Health Act 1936 s234.
17/054.7          Invoice. NALC  Local Council Review - Annual Subscription.  £17.00.  LGA 1972 s111
                        RESOLVED to pay the annual subscription.
17/054.8          Invoice.  J Nicholls.  Electrical Installation of 2 Defibrillators. £112.25 + £22.45 VAT
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.  Public Health Act 1936 s234
17/054.9          External Audit Return.  Documents signed without comment.  Fee of £100 expected.
                        Notices to be posted on the Notice Board and Website.

                                                                                                                                                                07 August 2017 (2)
17/055             Planning Applications
17/055.1          Applications returned to East Staffordshire Borough Council - Reply Awaited
17/055.1.1       P/2016/00863              Broad Oak Farm, Bramshall. Agricultural building to dwellings
17/055.3.2       P/2017/00658              Cart Hovel, Lees Lane, Dodsleigh.  Conversion of Cart Hovel
                                                            to form dwelling plus erection of detached garage / wood store.
17/055.3.3       P/2017/00671              Bridge Farm, The Bents.  Erection of replacement garage / store.
17/055.3.4       P/2017/00756              Withington Farm House.  Siting of short term caravan.

17/055.2          Application Decisions by East Staffordshire Borough Council
17/055.2.1       P/2017/00474              Lion Farm, Middleton Green.  Demolition of existing agricultural
                        Permitted                     buildings to form new access & change of use of agricultural
                                                            land for domestic purposes.

17/055.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation
17/055.3.1       P/2017/00617              Land at Top House Farm, Middleton Green.
                                                            Demolition of existing building- New dwelling and access.
                        RESOLVED to object to this application.
                        Concern relating to the location of the access and unjustified development.
Councillor Beaman declared an interest in the two following applications and withdrew from the meeting, returning thereafter.  Councillor Roe chaired the meeting in the absence of the Chairman.
17/055.3.2       P/2017/00750              3 Bents Lane, Church Leigh.  Single storey rear & side extension.
17/055.3.3       P/2017/00770              4 Bents Lane, Church Leigh.  Two storey rear extension.
                        RESOLVED to raise no objections to the two applications.
17/055.3.4       P/2017/00807              Wood View,  Morrilow Heath.  Retention of agricultural building
17/055.3.5       P/2017/00897              1 Withington Court.  Erection of detatched Summerhouse.
17/055.3.6       P/2017/00903              The Burleys,  Leigh Crossing.  Demolition of garage / extensions.
                        RESOLVED to raise no objections to the three applications.

17/055.4          Planning Appeals        None in progress.
17/055.5          Planning Queries         None

17/056             Correspondence
17/056.1          County Council
17/056.1.1       A50 Growth Corridor. Update.  For information.
17/056.2          East Staffordshire Borough Council              None
17/056.3          Community Council of Staffordshire             None

17/056.4          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association
17/056.4.1       Weekly updates forwarded to Member Councillors for information.
                        Data Protection Regulations - New legislation proposed for mid 2018.
                        County Police and Crime Commissioner - consultation reminder.
                        Safer Roads Partnership information.

17/057             Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk                  None

17/058             Date of Next Meeting
17/058.1          Monday 4th September 2017. 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded at 8.15pm.                             Signed             _______________      Chairman

                                                                                    Date                ______________.

Public Participation Meeting
Notes of the meeting held prior the
Parish Council Meeting of 7th August 2017

Public Participation prior to the Meeting.  Commencing at 7.30pm.  Concluding at 7.55pm.

Present            Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        District Councillor      Councillor C Whittaker

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis,  Mrs B Smallwood,  Mr G Warburton,  Mr B Chilton,                                                           Mr J Slater, Mrs J Beard.

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

Mr J Slater

Commenting on the current Planning Application at Top House Farm,  Middleton Green.
Particularly in relation to the proposed access to the site.

Public Participation Meeting
Notes of the meeting held following the
Parish Council Meeting of 7th August 2017

Public Participation following the Meeting.  Commencing at 8.10pm.  Concluding at 8.15pm.

Councillor Whittaker

Replacement bench for Lime Close.  Possibility of claiming a contribution from the Councillor’s fund.

Mr G Warburton

Water leak on Hill Lane,  Middleton Green,  between Lion Farm and Wood Leasows Farm

Mrs W Lewis

1          Footpath 29     The section adjacent to the Grass Dryer.  Clearing of vegetation required.

Response         Councillor Roe to clear the footpath.

2          Duck Paddle Farm,  Withington.  Barn 2 conversion building work query.

Post Meeting Response.          Query answered.