Friday, 11 November 2016

Parish Council Minutes - 2016 October

                                                                                                                                                                03 October 2016 (1)

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd October 2016
Leigh Village Hall Commencing 8.00pm.
Following the Public Participation commencing 7.30pm.
                        Councillor       B Barker
                        Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis, Mrs B Smallwood, Mr G Warburton, Mrs M Prince
                                                Mr L Ingram

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

16/067             Apologies                    None
16/067.1          Other Apologies          District Councillor                  Councillor C Whittaker
16/068             Minutes
16/068.1          COUNCIL RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                        of 5th September 2016 be signed by the meeting Chairman.

16/069             Chairman’s Announcements           (None)

16/070             Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests and
                        other Interests
                        None declared.

16/071             Outstanding Matters
16/071.1          Middleton Green Telephone Kiosk adoption.
                        Advise on refurbishing still being sought.
16/071.2          Handbells.
                        Insurance documentation completed and accepted with the Handbells being kept at
                        Lower Farm, Dodsleigh.
16/071.2.1       RESOLVED to recommend that the Handbells continue to be kept at Lower Farm
                        in the custody of the Backhouse family.

16/072             Finance
16/072.1          Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.
                        Check of Financial Statement against Bank Statements completed.
16/072.2          Invoice. LCR Subscription Renewal. £17.00.  LGA 1972 s111
16/072.3          Invoice.  Leigh Village Hall. P.C. Meetings July, Aug., Sep.. £75.00 LGA 1972 s111
16/072.4          Invoice. 1&1 Quarterly Website Fee payable to Carol Astbury £9.12 + £1.82 VAT                        Total £10.94
                        RESOLVED to pay the three invoices.
16/072.5          Completion of External Audit.
                        2015 / 2016 Accounts signed by External Auditor, Grant Thornton, without comment.
                        Notice posted on the Notice Board.
16/072.6          Donation from Leigh W.I. presented for Defibrillator fund   £2,900.

                                                                                                                                                                03 October 2016 (2)
16/073             Planning Applications
16/073.1          Applications returned to East Staffordshire Borough Council - Reply Awaited
16/073.1.1       P/2016/00595              Fairfields, Parkhall Lane.  Replacement dwelling.
16/073.1.2       P/2016/00863              Broad Oak Farm, Bramshall. Agricultural building to dwellings
16/073.1.3       P/2016/01054              Manor Farm, Upper Leigh.  Extensions & Double Garage.
16/073.1.4       P/2016/01126              Manor Farm.  L.B.C. for /01054 plus internal alterations.

16/073.2          Application Decisions by East Staffordshire Borough Council
16/073.2.1       P/2106/00255  Perm.  Lion Farm,  Middleton Green. Agric. buildings to two dwellings.
16/073.2.2       P/2016/00643  Perm.  Sprink House Farm, Morrilow Heath.  Garden Pond.
16/073.2.3       P/2016/00792  Ref.      White Cottage,  Leigh Lane, Leigh Crossing.
                                                            Conversion of Stable Block to Dwelling.
16/073.2.4       P/2016/00793  Perm.  White Cottage,  Leigh Lane. Garage conversion to dwelling.
16/073.2.5       P/2016/00920  Perm.  Field Mill Farm.  Agricultural Workers dwelling.
16/073.2.6       P/2016/01010  Grant   Oak Tree Lodge, Rectory Close, Church Leigh.
                                                            TPO crown topping oak tree.
16/073.2.7       P/2016/01026  Grant   Broadmeadows, Withington Lane Church Leigh.
                                                            TPO work on trees T1 to T6.

16/073.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation                       None

16/073.4          Planning Appeals        None in progress.
16/073.5          Planning Queries         None

16/074             Correspondence
16/074.1          County Council
16/074.1.1       Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan - For information.
16/074.1.2       Notification of closure of Leigh Bank on 1st November - For information.

16/074.2          East Staffordshire Borough Council              None

16/074.3          Community Council of Staffordshire             None

16/074.4          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association
16/074.4.1       Weekly updates forwarded to Member Councillors for information.

16/074.5          Leigh Product Show Report - For information.

16/075             Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk
16/075.1          Councillor Snowden.  Reporting significant amount of mud on the road in Lower Leigh
                        on Sunday 18th September.  Confirmed by Mr L Ingram who had reported the incident
                        to the Environmental Agency, material being deposited on a field on the flood plain.
16/075.2          Clerk.  Remembrance Service - Poppy Wreath to be obtained from the British Legion.

16/076             Date of Next Meeting
16/076.1          Monday 7th November 2016.   Leigh Village Hall 7.30pm.

The meeting concluded at 8.50pm.
                                                                                    Signed             _______________      Chairman

                                                                                    Date                ______________
Public Participation Meeting
Notes of the meeting held prior the
Parish Council Meeting of 3rd October 2016

Public Participation prior to the Meeting.  Commencing at 7.30pm.  Concluding at 8.00pm.

                        Councillor       B Barker
                        Councillor       J Beaman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Roe
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis, Mrs B Smallwood, Mr G Warburton, Mrs M Prince
                                                Julie Thompson-Edwards (Leigh W.I.)  Mrs C Wheawall (Leigh School)

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

1          Julie Thompson - Edwards

Presentation of a cheque for £2,900 resulting from the fund raising event organised by Leigh W.I and Leigh School.  The money to be used for the purchase of two defibrillators with the request that they are sited in Withington and Nobut with major sponsors named on plaques on or near the Defibrillators.

There followed a discussion on Defibrillators and other contacts suggested by Julie Thompson-Edwards

The Chairman thanked those involved in organising the event and their sponsors and congratulated them on the sums raised.

2          Mrs B Smallwood

Information regarding the collection of small electrical items by East Staffordshire Borough Council.
Collected with the Blue Bins if placed alongside.

Notice to be placed in the Parish Magazine.