Thursday, 12 March 2020

Parish Council Minutes - February 2020

                                                                                                                                                        03 February 2020 (1)

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd February 2020
Leigh Village Hall commencing 7.30pm.
                        Councillor       B Barker
                        Councillor       J Beaman         Chairman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        District Councillor      Councillor C Whittaker

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis 
                        Clerk               B A Boughey 

19/111.                        Apologies        Councillor E Beaman (Family illness)

19/112.            Chairman’s Announcements           No announcements

19/113.            Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests, Personal Interests, other Interests
                        None Declared.

19/114.            Minutes
19/114.1          COUNCIL RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
                        of 6th January 2020 be signed by the meeting Chairman.

19/115.            Outstanding Matters
19/115.1          Safe for storing Parish documents.     No progress.
                        RESOLVED to leave in abeyance for the time being.

19/116.            Finance
19/116.1          Financial Statement and Bank Account Reconciliation.
                        Check of Financial Statement against Bank Statements completed.
19/116.2          Invoice   Cropper Grounds Maintenance   Recreation Ground Mowing
                        January £191.66 + £38.33 VAT   Total  £229.99 1976 LG(MP)A s19.1b
                        RESOLVED to pay the invoice.
19/116.3          Invoice.  Ionos. Website provider via Carol Astbury. £23.97 + £4.79 VAT.
                        Total £28.76.  LGA 1972 s142.
                        RESOLVED to reimburse Carol Astbury.
19/116.4          Information Commissioners Office. GDPR Registration Fee.  £40.00. LGA 1972 s111
                        RESOLVED to pay the annual required fee.
19/116.5          Invoice.  Uttoxeter Rural Parish Council. £20.00.  LGA 1972 s111.
                        Planning training presentation attended by two Leigh Member Councillors.
                        RESOLVED to pay the fee as requested.
19/116.6          Donation by Leigh May Ball for the 2019 Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner £322.77.
                        Received by direct Bank Transfer.

                                                                                                                        03 February 2020 (2)
19/117             Planning Applications
19/117.1          Applications returned to East Staffordshire Borough Council - Reply Awaited
19/117.1.1       P/2019/00887              Browns Cottage,  Church Leigh.  Retention of Land
                                                            as part of the Domestic Curtilage,  New Access, Fence and Gates.
19/117.1.2       P/2019/00892              Field House,  Parkhall Lane.  Paddock / Stable / Access
19/107.1.3       P/2019/01192              Building at Church View Farm, Dodsleigh.
                                                            Retention of a wood chip boiler and store plus flue and ash bin
19/107.1.4       P/2019/01269              Watsonrose Cottage,  Hill Lane, Morrilow Heath.
                                                            Single storey front and side extension.
19/117.2          Application Decisions by East Staffordshire Borough Council
19/117.2.1       P/2019/01124              The Storage Garage, Chebsey Bank.
                                                            Certificate of Lawfulness application
                        Granted                       Continued use of a garage as an independent dwelling.
                        RESOLVED to raise queries with ESBC Planning regarding the principles of granting
                        this application regarding future applications of this type.
19/117.2.2       P/2019/01290  Permit Tanglewood,  Manor Lane,  Upper Leigh
                                                            Raising ridge height to form additional first floor with dormer                                                         windows.  Erection of a single storey rear and side extension.
19/117.2.3       P/2019/01400  Permit 9 Red Gables Court.  Single Storey Rear Extension

19/117.3          Applications received by the Parish Council for Consultation
19/117.3.1       P/2020/00029              Land off Intakes Lane.  Agricultural Livestock Building
                        RESOLVED not to raise any objections but refer to the amount of land being
                        leased in relation to the land owned.
19/117.4          Planning Appeals        P/2019/00416  White Cottage,  Leigh Lane,  Upper Leigh
                                                            Appeal against refusal.
                                                            Conversion of existing stable to holiday let.
19/117.5          Planning Queries         No new queries

19/118             Correspondence
19/118.1          County Council           None
19/118.2          East Staffordshire Borough Council
19/118.2.1       emails relating to the Fly Tipping at the Disused Garage on Raddle Lane
                        Some of the rubbish had been removed.  ESBC trying to contact the owners of
                        the site,.  Notices posted seeking information.
19/118.3          Staffordshire Parish Councils’ Association
19/118.3.1       Weekly updates forwarded to Member Councillors for information.
19/118.4          Times & Echo Newspapers requesting information.  Issues, Minutes and Agendas.

19/119             Matters raised by Member Councillors / Clerk
19/119.1          Councillor Snowden.  Proposing a change in the age qualification for attending the
                        Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner.  Parishioners of 60 and over invited to attend.
19/119.2          Councillor J Beaman and Councillor Collins on the state of the roads.

19/120             Date of Next Meeting            Monday 2nd March 2020.

The meeting concluded at  8.20pm. 

                                                                                    Signed             _______________      Chairman

                                                                                    Date                ______________.

Public Participation Meeting
Notes of the meeting held following the
Parish Council Meeting of 3rd February 2020

Public Participation following the Meeting.  Commencing at 8.20pm.  Concluding at 8.37pm.

                        Councillor       B Barker
                        Councillor       J Beaman         Chairman
                        Councillor       T Collins
                        Councillor       E Durose
                        Councillor       A Raby
                        Councillor       M Snowden

                        District Councillor      Councillor C Whittaker

                        Parishioners     Mrs W Lewis

                        Clerk               B A Boughey

Mrs Lewis

1          State of the roads and the flooding issue at Brook House Farm,  Withington Lane,
            Withington in particular.
            Water running on to the highway from the field track adjacent to Brook House Farmhouse.
1.1       Check with the landowner to query if there is any reason for the increase in water running
            of the land apart from the general high levels of rainfall currently being experienced.

2          Village Hall replacement coloured lighting.  Request for a donation from the Parish Council
            for the lights which cost £500.00 to replace.

2.1       Proposal to donate £250.00.  Agenda item for the March meeting.